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This eBook will come in two formats:

  1. Cookbook ePub (iOS) – eBook format geared towards iBooks on Apple productions. Currently Not Supported on Amazon Tablets/Readers.
  2. Cookbook PDF – Universal File, can be opened on Amazon Tablets, iOS, etc..

How to Open

Login to your Account through the My Account page and click the Orders Tab in your and find the format you would like to download. Click the Download button on the format you would like to download.

  1. Cookbook ePub (iOS) – Varies by Browser, but after your click download button, a prompt should appear to Open In… Click that link and choose iBooks or whatever other client you have that will read ePub files.
  2. Cookbook PDF – Varies by Browser, but after your click download button, a prompt should appear to Open In… Click that link and choose whatever app your would like to open the file in (Kindle, iBooks, etc…)