That’s Amore Chicken Cacciatore

That’s Amore Chicken Cacciatore

The ultimate Italian comfort food…that’s amore chicken cacciatore! This rustic dish will have your whole family begging for seconds and thirds. There are SO many recipes out there for this dish, but I promise you will find yourself making this one a keeper. Authentic, delicious, fall-off the bone chicken cacciatore.


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Best served with:

  • Starches
    • A side of spaghetti topped with the sauce from the cacciatore and smothered in pecorino romano cheese or parmesan
    • Any pasta will work as you won’t want a single drop of the sauce to go to waste: Rigatoni, Linguini, and even fettuccine. 
  • Vegetables:
    • This dish is full of heart-healthy vitamin packed vegetables but if you’d like an extra serving here are my suggestions:
      • A large beautiful tossed salad with mixed lettuce, red onions, radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, and black olives. Toss with a simple red wine vinaigrette.
      • A side of broccoli rabe is also delicious; just steam and top with the cacciatore sauce. 

What you will need:

  • Skin-on Bone-in chicken drums and thighs: you can also cut up a whole chicken or have your butcher cut up for you. 
  • 3 cans of peeled tomatoes: Buy 28 oz cans. The extra price for the San Marzano peeled tomatoes is well worth the price.  They are sweet and don’t contain many seeds. Perfect for making this sauce.
  • Cheese: Parmesan and Pecorino Romano both work in this recipe; however I much prefer the stronger zing of delicious pecorino romano. For best results freshly grate the cheese. 

Cookware- You will need a nice size dutch oven that is heavy and deep enough to hold all of your sauce and chicken pieces. Here is a great option:


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Chicken Cacciatore

Recipe Total Cook Time: 1 ½-2 hours      Prep: Prep 20 minutes    Servings: 6-8 people  Meal:Lunch/Dinner


  • chicken drumsticks & thighs (2-4 lbs)
  • chop- 8 cloves of garlic, 1 onion, 3 carrots, bundle of scallions (whites)
  • 8 oz of baby bella mushrooms, 5-6 oz of basil, bundle of parsley
  • 1/4 cup of white wine
  • olive oil about 3-4 tbsp
  • salt & black pepper
  • 3 cans (28 oz each) of San Marzano peeled tomatoes
  • hunk of pecorino romano cheese (2-3 oz) & a lot of grated pecorino romano cheese
  • linguine pasta- 1lb


  1.  pat dry room temp. chicken.. then season heavily with cracked black pepper & salt 
  2. brown the chicken in olive oil in dutch oven 
  3. remove chicken once browned (you aren’t cooking all the way through) 
  4.  in the same pot saute the onions, carrots, scallions, & garlic 
  5. deglaze with 1/4 cup white wine 
  6. crush the tomatoes with your hands and add to pot (add more salt & pepper) 
  7.  add the chicken back to the pot and all of the juices from the plate 
  8. add the fresh basil & parsley & hunk of pecorino romano 
  9.  cover pot and simmer at least 1 hour (check if it needs more salt and pepper after 30 minutes) 
  10. boil your linguini 
  11. Serve with the sauce over linguine and the chicken on separate plate with sauce as well…COVER in pecorino romano